Trauma Release

“One asks how is the body a part of this healing, and yet that has for many years been the missing piece.”     

(The Big Red Book p. xxi)


Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

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What is TRE?



What is TRE2

TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises) was developed by Dr David Berceli.  While working in war zones he noticed that  the human body instinctually and automatically contracted when a bomb went off to protect the vulnerable and exposed parts in the front of the body.  He also noticed that young children would shake and that was also instinctual and automatic and that adults would do it too if we didn’t stop ourselves.  He figured out that this shaking mechanism was the body’s own way to undo the contraction to return to homeostasis.  He confirmed this through his studies of the human body and animals exhibiting the same behavior in the wild.  He than figured out a series of exercises that would turn on that same shaking mechanism to return the body to a balanced state and called it TRE.

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